Commissioned Graffiti Murals Melbourne


Our team has been involved in designing and painting large scale murals for well over a decade. With the help of scaffolding, ladders and Cherrie pickers we have completed countless unique, original and well known theme based works. Our aim is to be engaging with our environment, tell a story and try to get the public thinking.


Most office spaces can be seen as clinical and dull. Then consider employees spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week cooped up in these spaces. It seems a splash of colour and some interesting artwork can be a breath of fresh air. This can also translate into creating an interesting and cutting edge environment for your clients. Contact us to discuss some very sophisticated and modern design ideas to improve your work space today.


More and more cafes are competing to create unique and engaging environments for customer experience. You should contact us to get a step ahead of your competitors. We can help you with advertisement, feature walls and outdoor seating areas. Any theme is possible to explore, we provide professional advice and design ideas and create branding that will make your café stand out above the competition.


All gym spaces should invoke the will and want to achieve your goals. By creating inspirational artwork that reinforces the ideals of your gymnasium you can create these environments. You can style and modernise your business and guaranteed customers are receiving the right message of hard work leading to success. Contact us for information on how we can help you achieve this goal.

Beer Garden..

The beer garden can be a hub of excitement all through the months of spring and summer. Many old pubs and bars tend to have large blank spaces that add no value at all. They are a perfect opportunity to express your business, what you do and who you are. This can range from advertisement, themes representing the local area down to your sporting alliance. Get in contact with us to discuss how we can bring new life to your establishment and improve the summer crowds.


Everybody purchases artwork of all kinds to hang and place around their homes. Why not get professional artists to design and paint your ides directly onto feature wall. Kid’s bedrooms look great with life-size portraits of their favourite characters. Contact us if you wold like to artistically improve your living space.

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